Lightweight 1-person tent?

I have been considering a small tent
and have decided to go with the Clark Jungle Hammock. Easy packing and with the oversize tarp I have room for my gear and cooking. It is four season, private, and well made. With my back I don’t know how man more nights on the ground I can handle. Bill

Hey Chip
May 18-28, Sassafras River to the Tuckahoe Creek on the Choptank and return. 220 miles. Wanna go?

Some time after that I’ll do the Susky. Getting the right amount of time together when the river has enough water is challenging for me. I need three weeks to do the West Branch, North Branch and Main Stem all the way to Virginia Beach. I’m probably not going to get there until fall. I just learned that Chesapeake Bay is actually the tidal portion of the Susquehanna. Makes sense doesn’t it? I actually read that in a CBF book.

Black Diamond Hilight
if it’s not a hot coastal trip, a black Diamond Hilight is a 2.5ishlb tent that is rated for 2 people but more likely a roomy single person tent or a 2 person tent in a pinch. It’s a single wall tent.

If solo and bugs is not an issue, a BD megamid or any of those tarp like tents may be good if you can perhaps use your paddle as the lift. Not bug free though but when it’s hot, it’s pretty venty…


Hey Andy
I want to go!!! But don’t think time will allow. I’m going to try to put together a circumnamvigation of Hatteras Island for later this year - was hoping March but looking like a Summer or early fall trip now. Also want to do a Bay crossing with a stop on Tangier or Smith, but need to read up. That crossing is so dependent on having the right weather - lots of open water out there.

If you haven’t read Beautiful Swimmers, you should check it out. It is about Blue Crabs, but gives a lot of great info about the Bay and its tributaries as well.

lots of choices, but
I’d stay away from any single wall tent if you want something for a “coastal trip” - I’m thinking that means humidity, maybe fog. I have a BD Firstlight single wall tent that is a great tent, maybe my favorite out of the dozen tents I have, but I would choose a double wall with lots of ventilation for a coaltal trip, or for anywhere that humidity will be high.

I have a Sierra Designs Ultra Lightyear (they no longer make the “Ultra” version, just the regular Lightyear)solo tent. I like this tent and use it for 2 to 3 day river trips. I wouldn’t take it on a longer trip, as I agree with Fat Elmo’s assessment. Its big enough to sleep in, and get dressed in, but not much room for gear. Actual weight on a postal scale is 2# 15.8 oz with only 4 stakes. For a longer trip, the two person SD Clip Flashlight would be a better choice - mine weighs 4# 10.5 oz with stakes. I use it a lot for hunting, as it has a lot of room for one person.

The difference between a one-person solo and a two-person solo is mostly not 1/2, but more like 75% to 80% the size and weight of a two-person tent. Unless that small difference is critical for yor use, its not worth the sacrifice in space to go with a solo.

I would not recommend either of those two SD tents for a “coastal trip” - I’m thinking that means beach camping either on sand or shingle. Neither is going to be particlularly good for holding tent stakes, so I’d want to take a free standign tent. AND, I’d bring something to rig deadman anchors to back up tent stakes in sand. Maybe four stuff sacks you can fill with sand, tie off to the tent corners, then bury. Or maybe tie off to buried paddles.

All in all, I’d say the two person Hubba tent would be the choice I’d make, with maybe a Big Agnes SL2 as a second choice.

One other point - is how long your trip will be, and how bad the mosquitos might be ? for a long trip in bad bug country, I’d pick a tent with two doors - if a door zipper blows out on you, you can duct tape it shut and use the second door - one door tent, and you’re gonna need a lot of duct tape every night.

Second the Clip Flashlight
I’ve got probably 30 nights in mine and love it. Been in 30 degrees, 80 degrees, pounding rain, snow, huge winds, and I’ve never gotten wet or cold.

The only minor complaint I have on my 1 person ultralight tent (discontinued Mountain hardwear) is that like many in this category, it is not free-standing.

A new REI solo tent

This looks pretty sweet for two bills. Still, it is only 26" wide. But it is free-standing.

I took a non-freestanding tent (old TNF Canyonlands) to teh BWCA and had to collect rocks for anchors. I gave the tent to a friend who crossed the US on a bicycle and loves the tent. SHe is currently using it in FL on a bike trip.

But for me, free-standing is the berries.


hilleberg tents link

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also i have a Cabela's XPG ultralite 1 person tent w /fly,freestanding .....weighs in @ 3# 8oz. pack size 7x 23. tent was given to me and previous owner used it for early spring camping/kayak trips. He said it was dry and stable in wind but kinda cramped for him and his gear. Definitely a minimumlist tent.

I have a Hilleberg Soulo and…
…it’s a great single wall tent with an excellent vestibule.

You also might check out Nemo tents at

Nemo offers a couple of very high quality single tents. Since a bear attempted to move into my Hilleberg tent, I might give the Nemo a try

BTW, my tent was empty and I don’t ever eat in it. With luck I’ll be able to patch it up:)

Get a Lightweight 2 Man
Last trip out I took my two-man and slept solo. It was right luxurious.

MSR Hubba
When I want to keep weight and bulk to a minimum I use the MSR Hubba. Yes it’s small (every one-person tent is small), but it’s long enough, and I can get a full-size canoe pack plus extras under the entrance area of the fly. A lot of one-person tents don’t give you a place to keep your stuff out of the rain, but this one does. Someone else already mentioned that there’s plenty of headroom for sitting up inside.

try alps mountaineering mystique

how about a 11oz 2 man tent
that is 4 season, one pole, sheds wind and snow, and fast setup?

I ordered one in cuben…quizz me when it comes in, they said turn around time 4-6 weeks.

tent stakes
One thing I forgot to mention…

tents come with tent stakes, usually they’re pretty good ones. But for beach sand or any type of loose sandy type of soil, the tent stakes that are real skinny just nail looking types, wont hold!!! When I’m beach camping I make sure I’m carrying those big yellow plastic type stakes. Something that I do, no matter where I’m camping, is to try to carry a variety of different types of stakes, some of the nail ones and the v or y type and I’ve some that are sort of spoon looking. The only time I carry those big yellow ones though are when I know I’ll be on the beach, nothing else I’ve tried seems to work as good as they do.

If that is a four season tent . . .
. . . I am the Pope.

Clip Flashlight and Hubba
My 25 year old Clip Flashlight developed a leaky fly last October. I liked that because it has plenty of room for me and a pack inside. If you want to put two people in it, make sure they’re married.

My new tent is the Hubba. It’s about 1 lb. lighter and packs a bit smaller than the Flashlight. It actualy has more head room. But it is truely a 1 person tent, even if you are married. The pack stays outside unless I sleep on it.

I like both tents but if I was portaging I’d go with the Hubba.


I’m all but committed to another May trip, slated to return May 19. I can’t swing the leave to join you. I’m not sure I’d sign on for the whole thing anyway. You are by now way more familiar with that area than I, but my sense is you will be doing a lot of paddling with only subtle change in the scenery. That said, maybe I could come out and join you for the weekend of May 23. As your plan develops, let me know if you have a schedule or if you will take along communication.

With that venue, I’m surprised you think you will be coastal camping and not hiding out in the woods in your hammock.


the problem is
that smaller tents are impossible to move around in.

I have a small $80 bicycle tent I bought from a lesbian couple who thought the advertized ‘2-person’ size would be cozy.

They sold it to me for $3 because they couldn’t figure out how to set it up.

I explained that no matter how many people the box says, it only sleeps half that number.

The tent is small and light but isn’t high or large enough to sit up in. So I have to change outside then enter.

Sometimes larger is better.

Who cares about the tent…
Tell us more about the lesbians!!!

Paddle easy,