Lightweight 1-person tent?

Any suggestions for a lightweight 1-person tent? I usually use a hammock tent but I’m doing a coastal trip in May where there aren’t as many trees. My 2-person Eureka weighs nearly 6 pounds and is bulky. I’d like to cut the weight and the bulk by half if possible.


lightweight tent
Try the Hubba by MSR. Weighs in just around 3 lbs., easy to set up, and plenty of head room to sit up. Overall length is just about 7 ft.

The Eureka . . .
. . . Backcountry I weighs about 4’ 14" but packs very small and is pretty cheap from Campmor.

Everyone knows…
That a 1 person = a child

2 person = an adult + gear

3 person = 2 aduls + minimal gear

and so on & so on…

Paddle easy,


some questions
Is your trip by kayak? Or are you backpacking?

If your using the kayak, then a 6lb tent isn’t such a big deal. The bulk part can be divided up into sections of tent, fly, poles & stakes; this makes the whole tent easier to pack into the kayak. Another thing, I’d look at 2 person tents, they usually weigh only a bit more than their counterpart 1 person tent. Look into tarp-tents. They’re usually your lightest. My friend uses a tarptent 2 person Rainbow and I use one called O2 (antigravity gear). I think both of these are in the 2lb weights. I do not take mine kayak camping, for that I use a more conventional tent (one with poles). And remember: the lighter the weight = the lighter your wallet will be.

Eureka Zeus 1
I’ve had good luck with the very compact Eureka Zeus 1 Classic. Just over 3 pounds. It is single walled, so moisture will wick through if you roll against the sides during a rainstorm. Some of the reviews mentioned condensation problems but I have not experienced that.

go tentless
get a Bivi bag… i never do, but its a suggestion. The big Agnus tents are light weight…

MSR Fling

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At REI Outlet, under 4 lbs, on sale through the 29th, under $100. More room, but probably in the weight range, plus it's freestanding.

I use a MSR Hubba Hubba
About 4#, lots of room for me (large guy) and reasonable weight. I love the ventilation.

I considered the Hubba, but it is only 26" wide - darn small for inclement weather. But it weighs in around 3#. Caveat Emptor.


The USMC Combat tent… You can get it & sportsmans guide for $130??? You can use the fly seperately as a tent. About 1.5 lbs & as bulky as a poncho.

Paddle easy,


Tentless, seriously
depending on when and where you are going, tentless is the lightest way. I go tentless in the winter. In the summer I take a tent to keep the bugs off, although I have roughed it with a bivy and headnet and was happy.

unltralight packers will bring a bivy and that’s all. I guess in the rain they just pull a jacket over the face. They survive, but I want to be comfortable, not just survival.

A good size Kelty Noah tarp weighs in under two pounds. It keeps the rain off you much better than a little tent. A problem with tents is that when you enter the tent you bring all the water on your clothes in with you. Same under the tarp, but you have room to spread the wet stuff out separate from the stuff you’d like to keep dry. Bring a ground cloth. You’d bring that for the tent anyway, so you really can’t count that against the weight, and it can be something as light as a sheet of poly. Depending on how you pitch it, you can stand under the tarp. You can cook under it. That’s not happening in your one-man tent.


I havent used it yet but it would be great for 1 person plus gear - good reviews. REI outlet plus 20% additional off - great price. Nice tent. We set it up inside the house and I really like its construction.

new 2 person tents weigh in at 3lbs.
No need to sacrifice anymore for weight. Check out some of the lightweight two person tents. Better to have a little extra space for gear and stretching out. Personally I don’t like tentless, but that’s a preference. My EMS Star 2+ (me/dog/gear) with rainfly and ground tarp weighs in at just under 5lbs. Lots of good options out there.

The Hennessey Hammock website

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has coastal campers and mountaineers supporting their hammocks with two walking poles. In the unlikely event that you cannot find any trees, you could rig something with paddle, or bring hiking sticks, methinks. Nice to use gear you already are familiar with. Try at home before you camp. See HH website for photos and tips on using this method.

I have one . . .
. . . ICW (Individual Combat Shelter). Really nice tent althought it weighs a bit more than Backcountry I. The footprint is the same. The ICW has a better fly that provides a big area for gear storage accessible from the outside.

See what happens when you go from
… canoe to kayak … :slight_smile:

good suggestions, thanks
Man, there really are a lot of choices out there. I’m hoping to go to the REI store this week to see the tents up close and in person.

I’m kayaking, but have to carry water so I really need to watch my weight. I have to paddle all that weight, too. When I really think about it maybe the best solution is just for me to lose another 5 pounds then I can take a bigger tent.

Your points about room for rainy days cause me to reconsider my Eureka Apex 2XT. At 5 pounds 6 ounces including rain fly it ain’t that bad. Two entries and two vestibules, too. It actually will sleep two people and I’ve had it in gale force winds before with no problems.

I could go tentless and just use my tundra tarp I suppose. Rig it with my paddles where there aren’t any trees to tie to. I could use my ENO bug net draped from the ridgeline and that would be pretty good. I’d hate to have to set it up on muddy ground or wet grass, though, so I think a tent with a bathtub floor will work better for me. One that is freestanding with plenty of tie outs and low enough and strong enough to withstand Atlantic storms.

You’re right about splitting it into poles-fly-tent. Since I won’t be using it every day I can stash 3 smaller bundles in odd places so it doesn’t take up too much cargo room.

Thanks everyone, lots of good suggestions and food for thought.

Clip Flashlight tent
I have the original model… It is a great tent. With poles it’s around 3lbs…

Tell where
So Andy, where is this coastal trip taking place? I thought the SuzyQ was next on your list, or did you already notch that?


another one to consider

I have the Zephyr 1 and while it is small, it is adequate and I can put my pack in the vestibule