Lightweight canoe seat?

I would like to install a lightweight(carbon maybe) web type canoe seat in my boat.The wood one is nice,but I want something lighter.Does anyone make such a thing?


Have you thought about a
fiberglass tractor style seat at all.

With their aluminum tube supports, they are not only lighter but they are more comfortable too.

Not only that, but with the contour you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding if you want to do some fast paddling.

Add a little waffle foam padding, and it doesn’t get any better!



make it holy
hell, just drill a bunch of 1/2" holes through the wood frame of the seat you have. I doubt that you could get a carbon frame that is a whole lot lighter than wood for less than a hundred dollars or maybe two - it would have to have some kind of honeycomb interior support in the tubes to be strog enough.

If you are a do it yourselfer, go to home depot and buy some electical coduit and make a frame out of that if you think it would be lighter than wood.

Strange you should mention
Pb is working on a foam cored, Carbon/Kevlar seat, currently code named “SuperSeat” for our CobraSox XLT hulls. The seat will be for kneeling/sitting hulls, Flash, Wild, Star and the rare kneeling RapidFire.

Current wood seats weigh ~2lb, plus drops and 4 longish 10-24 SS machine screws. SuperSeat wilol come in at 14 oz, complete with molded seat holders and the Plexus to stick them to the hull and the seat to the holders.

lighweight seats
ZRE has 2 carbon seats listed in their accessories section.

GRB Newman Designs
I think they offer a bench-style carbon seat, in addition to their tractor-style carbon seats.

– Mark

good question
I’ve often wondered same thing…why someone doesn’t offer a carbon seat which would allow people to take some weight out of their boats with no real compromise. Looks like GRB Newman is first and PBW is right behind. If you get one please let us know how you like it.