lightweight double paddle canoe

I am looking for a lightweight double paddle solo canoe. Under 25 pounds. Are any available in the DC/VA area?

Savage river

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John Diller has a few boats that might interest you. He is located in Maryland not too far from you. He is a nice man, builds good boats for the intended purpose. ( this means he doesn't over build a flat water boat so you can abuse it. )
I like him, and his boats. Give him a call, he will let you test paddle his boats. Another realitively small maker is Grasse River up in Canton NY . Never paddled any of their small boats, but they look nice and John Newman makes a nice cruiser so I suspect his smaller canoes are good.

Bell Bucktail is around 30#.
Wenonah has a new ‘doublepaddle’ canoe, also.

I wonder what your price range is, or maybe your are looking for a used one since you specify the location. If new, such a light boat will be expensive. I think Hemlock makes one or two that would fit the bill, and the first brand that came to mind for me was Hornbeck. Not sure if Hornbeck ships boats, or if you have to go there and pick them up in-person.

I think they still have a Compass Steamer in stock.

lightweight double paddle canoe response
Thanks for all the suggestions.

I think Savage River will be the best bet…not as far at NY… I may look at the Wee Lassie