LIGHTWEIGHT - Hurricane Prima 125 or a 13ft with a cockpit of 50"

I would like to hear reviews of the Hurricane Prima 125 or suggestions of a lightweight 13 footer sit-in with approx 50 - 53" cockpit. I have a Old Town Sorrento that is too heavy to load on my car and a Perception Conduit that I love but cockpit is too small for my dog.

How light is lightweight?

Old Town Sorrento 126SK weighs 54 lbs
Hurricane Prima 125 weighs 45 lbs
Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Ultralite weighs 40 lbs

I looked at a Pungo; cockpit is definitely big enough. Might be in my head but I would like a little bit longer. I also like the thought of an Eddyline Sandpiper 130; cockpit is a bit smaller and weight isn’t that much less than Sorrento. My dog is about 44 lb. and is always with me.

The two parameters you specify is weight and cockpit size for dog accommodation.

Solution = Canoe.
Short & Light = Stellar Dragonfly, other mfg/models exist too.
Longer & Light = Placid Boat Works, again, other mfg/models exist too.

(No budget was mentioned)

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As Marshal suggested, a canoe or a Pack Boat.

Hornbeck, Swift, Wenonah and others.
Plenty light. Lots of room.

I had a lot of good years with my 35 lb. furry buddy in a Swift 13.6.
At 26 lbs. it was easy to move around.
Easy for him and I to get in and out of.
Plenty of room for him up front.
Sits and paddles like a kayak.



Will check. Thanks