LIGHTWEIGHT kayak cart

Currently using a C-Tug with inflatable tires. Works great but too heavy (guessing 10-12 lbs?) and takes up to much space in my car even disassembled. Kayak weighs 43 lbs. Prefer a cart that can handle sand and rocks. Needs to have some kind of kick stand to hold it horizontal. Any ideas?

Sand requires large tires which means more weight. Cant really get around that.

Buy the C-tug rigid sand tires. They work much better than the inflatable tires - I learned that when my tires went bad and reading about the other tires. Since I bought mine, C-tug has come out with an improved sand tire. Take a look at those, a friend has the improved tire and they work better than mine

The lighter the cart, the easier it will break.
It is a trade-off as to strength vs weight that you must make for yourself.