Lightweight kayak for stump-filled creeks

Most of my paddling is on creeks and rivers in Mississippi that are full of submerged logs and stumps. I love the speed, nimbleness and weight (36 pounds) of my Current Designs Vision 130, but it has taken a beating. Can anyone suggest a roto-mould kayak with similar paddling characteristics that weighs less than 40 pounds? How would the Eddyline Rio hold up under these conditions. Thank you.

I am not sure there are any rotomolded kayaks even close to 40 pounds, let alone under. Weight is one of the trade offs you have to accept to get the more rugged rotomolded plastic.

Eddyline Rio is not rotomolded plastic, but instead thermoformed plastic. Rotomolded are made of polyethelyne, where thermoformed is some form of ABS or PVC. I put the ruggedness of thermoformed as more similar to composites than rotomolded - so depends on the damage you are doing to your CD as to whether using a thermoformed would be a better option.

Another option is just paddle and accept that you will do some damage. Composites are very repairable, and a good person can make your CD look like new.

@Peter-CA said:
I am not sure there are any rotomolded kayaks even close to 40 pounds, let alone under.

Pete’s right–Are you expecting to find both a 13 footer in roto and save weight? No roto yaks in that length are going to come in under 52-55 lbs., minimum.

Try to buy a used…ahem, “certified pre-owned” roto whitewater/crossover/rec yak to paddle as your stump beater. Don’t worry about existing scratches. You will trade off the better glide of the Vision, but get closer to your desired weight limit with an 8 to 12 foot boat.

Thanks for the feedback… I’ve considered just living with it, using Puka patches to cover the scratches and then at some point, reworking the hull. There are rotomolds in the 40 pounds and under category but they are short. Seems I’ve heard the Eddyline thermoformed plastic is more impact resistant than the carbon/kevlar layups. CD makes the Vision in a rotomold 135 that’s tempting, but it’s 50 pounds.

I have never had any damage from contact with logs or stumps with my composite boats. Now rocks are another story!

The no longer sold Perception Sonoma 13.5 is a good river boat, if you can find a used one.

Over the weekend I sat in a Perception Tribute 12 at an REI. Liked everything about it but the seat back, which dug into the small of my back… The Tribute 10 at 36 pounds might be just the thing, that is if you can sit in it. Thanks to all.