lightweight kayak

I have been using a dimension spirit 3.3 sit-on-top. it is 29lbs and has a handle. I would like to get another kayak like it. Most of the ones that I find are 40lbs or more, too much for me to lift on my own. Any suggestions?


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you may want to take a look at the Cd kestral. The composite version lists at 39LBs.
14' x 26"

Or get a kayak cart
A basic one that will get a large sized kayak from car to beach can be gotten for under $40. And there are a variety of options available to make it easier to slide a longer kayak onto a car roof - no need to actually lift more than a portion of the weight.

Investing in a basic cart and taking a second look at how you are car-topping a boat can give you tons more options in terms of what kayak to get.

39lbs is too heavy.

is there any other kayak that is extremely light

You may look for good used
carbon fiber yaks. I was able to get a exc. condit. Easy Rider Dolphin 14’6" x 24" off the classifieds here for $950 a while back and only 32# with a nice simple over the stern skeg. R

Hunt Johnson Wave Witch

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12' 30 lbs, fiberglass. This is a bit of a specialized design for surfing, but the boat you have been paddling is meant for surfing too. The wave witch has a rudder and is good for day touring. It might be a bit tippy at first but it's a very nice design and probably actually weighs less than your current boat. (Plastic boat manufacturers often fib a little about kayak weight.

I’d be curious to weigh it
and verify the 29 lb spec. The Dimension Typhoon, similar to the Spirit 3.3 and perhaps its successor, weighed around 40 lb. The plastic was on the thin side and the hull was prone to oilcanning. But easier to carry around than most other SOTs.

Current versions of the same boat are the Old Town Twister and the Jackson Riviera, both weigh 46 lb, but are built to withstand tough livery abuse. I own two Rivieras and find them fairly easy to carry or move around (and the plastic is very durable on scrapey rivers).

The Hurricane Phoenix 116 is one of the lightest rec-SOT kayaks you can get, at 36 lb, and they make a few other lightweight models. You might also check the Ocean Kayak Venus 11. FeelFree Kayaks compensates for weight with a built-in portage wheel.

Warren Light Craft

They are not SOTs, but Warren makes some very light kayaks. They are not my cup of tea, but they fit the light weight requirements.

Thanks for reminding of those.
I never remember them.

Epic used to make a light, fast SOT
but it is no longer in their catalog.

But seriously, if a whitewater kayak is under 40 pounds, people consider it light. A SOT has two layers folded over each other, and is therefore likely to be heavy.

Or, you could get another SOT that won’t last. Because that Dimension is too light for rough use.

Point 65
Point 65 makes kayaks in sections. I believe each section is under 25 lbs so not only do you lighter weight to deal with, the sections are easier to haul. Bass Pro Shop carries them now.

Feathercraft Kurrent

Innova inflatable?
Great boat and 24 lbs.!/~/product/category=184322&id=465855

Knysna Isthmus.

It’s a really fast, efficient ruddered (gas pedal style) glass South Africa SOT. Weighing in at 34 pounds, it’s light for a boat that’s 17’ long, and sleek with a 21" beam, light enough that my wife can lift. It does take a while to get used to it’s initially tender stability, but it flies once you do.

As far as lifting a boat -almost any boat -to cartop, think about using a roof rack crossbar extender. You uncap the front crossbar, slide the extender bar into the crossbar so the it sticks out a bit beyond the beam of your boat. Then you lift up the front of the boat to the extender, a fraction of the weight of the whole kayak, and go o the stern and lift it to the rear crossbar. Slide the bow over onto the front crossbar, remove the extender, recap the bar, tie the kayak up, and stow the extender with the rest of your gear, and you’re ready to transport your boat.

So consider the Isthmus, and an extender bar, regardless of the boat you get. The Isthmus is fast, stylish, and pretty light, and the extender setup will make it a lot easier to get your boat to and from wherever you want to


-Frank in Miami

Is the Isthmus still made
I didn’t see it on the Knysna website.

I think they stopped producing them perhaps five or six yer ago, maybe longer. But there were three or four of them down here seven or eight years ago (Grayhawk, Iceman, and I each had one -Grayhawk sold his, Iceman moved on to skis, and we still have ours), and I figure they’re still around out there.

Rwowaka, the original poster would need to look used, and could probably score a good deal for such an advanced SOT, in part because it’s “only” an SOT, despite its high end tourer attributes.

Who knows -perhaps she can find one, get a great deal on it, and speedily -and lightly -


-Frank in Miami