Lightweight, relatively inexpensive

canoe paddles for beginners?Suggestions please.They are paddling a large tandem canoe.

I am also new to this so take others advice above mine. We just bought a 17’2" Old Town Canadienne and bought two T-Handle paddles at Dick’s Sporting goods for $14.99 ea… They are Quest model with wide blades, annodized aluminium and soft grips. I saw somewhere that Quest was associated with or made by Old Town. They are no where near the best paddle in the world, but they worked very well. We are using them for flatwater only, so they are adequate for now. We may “upgrade” to other paddles in the future, but for now the quality and price seem well worth it for these paddles. They are black aluminium with black blade and handle. We got them in the store, not online, however the online store has a different brand that looks very similar. Link as follows;

or just put T Handle Paddle in the search box at the home page.

Hope this helps some. Have a great time paddling!

We certainly are.

Bending Branches Loon or Arrow
I think they’re both about $45. I bought my Loon for about $42 locally.

Loon 22oz

Arrow 23oz

Neither is particularly light from my perspective, but I do like the way the Loon handles and feels in my hands. The Loon has a smaller blade, which works well for smaller and less strong paddlers such as me. I used it Friday and today in a new to me 17’ Grumman aluminum canoe in the stern position and it worked fine for that application on local lakes.

I’m not aware of any relatively light paddles that are also inexpensive.

Tough paddles, inexpensive, don’t know
how light the newer version is, my 24 year old ones are not light:

The company bought Mohawk Paddles is now building them, maybe…

a company called seasense make a very light and durable kayak paddle that my son uses, and I did a little online search and they do make canoe paddles as well.

I have used plastic/aluminum paddles for years and do not feel as though my experience paddling has been diminished in any way.

enjoy your time on the water!

Grey Owl Scout

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is lightweight, comfortable (for me, anyway), relatively inexpensive, and durable enough for ordinary flatwater use.

second the Grey Owl Scout

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I bought my boys Scouts about 3 years ago. They have worked out very well. Very nice shape, slices through the water easily, rock guard tip, very lightweight, comfortable grip. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good, lightweight, inexpensive flatwater or easy WW paddle. Priced like a club, it is a very nice paddle.

I have a BB Arrow (also mentioned above as an option). While the Arrow is stronger than the GO Scout, I'd rather paddle the Scout.