Like a Sawyer Cruiser but lighter?

Have a Sawyer Cruiser 17’9" that’s great in the water, but looking for something lighter and shorter for easier transportation. What new or older models should I consider (tandem)? Thanks.

vague question
If you can pin down your budget and your uses (camping, day tripping) and what is important to you (speed, manuverability) and the capacity you need you will get targeted responses.

Right now I can think of a hundred canoes. Too big a list.

Like a Sawyer
A Wenenah Jensen 17 in kevlar and or carbon would come pretty close. Lots of other possibilities

Re: vague question
By “like a Sawyer Cruiser” I mean similar speed and stability. Not an expert, but it feels great in the water, and I’m looking for a similar feeling from a lighter, smaller canoe. Day tripping, no fast water, wouldn’t need more capacity than 600 pounds including passengers and gears. Thanks.

re: Like a Sawyer
Thanks, I’ll look into the Wenonah Jensen 17.

Is budget an issue?

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GRB Newman, Savage River and Wenonah all have a racing heritage. But they can be pricey..

Sounds like you need 16-17 feet but if you can pin down the length needed better it might help. Don't want to recommend something where the garage door will close on it.

I hear you on the weight. We still have a Sawyer 190..the pocket rocket.. but at 62lbs its the old people flattener.