Like the touryak but....

its pretty pricy at 1500.00. while saving up, is there anything else i should look out for on the used market. the prijon looked to be high quality and a pretty good fit for my size 6 1", 225. liked the OT cayuga @1k but the cockpit looks a bit narrow for my size. numerous others, i can’t remember them all. i guess i’m a beginner but love the water and plan on spending a lot of time in whatever i get.pretty much surrounded by water.

things important to me:

quality,comfort,tracking, day touring, maybe overnight occasionlly, ability to turn in some smaller creeks and intercoastal and shorline in the ocean now and again. need decent sized cockpit to raise my knees, stretch,change positions, can’t sit still. lol

where i’ll be paddling:

St johns river,pretty big nearly 3 miles wide here. lots of the central fla spring rivers and creeks, lots of intercoastal, marsh creeks and maybe some short ocean runs along the beach. lots of boat traffic, wake,barges…etc in the bigger rivers. depending on time off, whater i can get in to on the east coast. i will not be doing any expidition or rapids. been down the Gauley in a raft, don’t care to do it in a kayak.

I figured 14-16ft would be a good size for what i want to do. open to other suggestions though. if you can turn 17ft’ers pretty well there is used CD storm under 1k local and Dagger Atlantis also. sorry for the long post but i’m trying not to waste anyones time leaving out info. also wondering what the differences are between what people call beginner and advanced boats?

thanks for any replies. if i get a good paddle and get in the ballpark of the right boat i’ll probably be good.

Given your size

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I'd be looking for nothing less than 16ft. I recently sold an Eddyline NightHawk 17.5 for that kind of money. Nice boat for someone your size. Think used.

Eddyline Nighthawk 16 for sale
in North Carolina. Listed right here in pnet.

Red over white, skeg, stored indoors. Asking $1300.

Are you a floridian in Fla? Worth a Roadtrip?

P.S. I live in MI, bought a British FG kayak 15’11" small paddler sized from a pnetter in SF. Couldn’t be happier. Be bold :smiley: Good luck.

worth a trip…yes
the nighthawk 16 looks just right. still got a ways to go on money. mustang project has drained me of cash last two years.

yup, i’m in NE Florida

get a kodiak
If you liked the touryak, you’ll love the kodiak. Faster.

If the kodiak is not the new model with the dayhatch front of the cockpit, then ask for a discount.

the boat seems pricy at first, but when you are out there passing most glass boats, it’ll be worth the price.

Or loading up with gear and camping.

is probably right. after watching some people paddling 16ft’ers through the salt marshes in St Augustine this weekend, 16 doesn’t look that big and will easily go where i want it to. even a 17.5.

thanks for the input