Lila- - - - -mud free?

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Is there an "official" date that the state opens the barrier gate to Lake Lila or are the road conditions the only determining factor?
If the date is the variable that i think it is,whom can one contact this spring to find out when it will be open?

Don’t have the info. I bet that it is opened only when it is ready. I always carry a chainsaw on that road.

Try This
Lake Lila is in Hamilton Co…NYS DEC Region 5.

I’ll be a forester could tell you the road status.


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for the info and the link,am now waiting for response from state; will post for all.

planning on next year
planning on doing that lake next year. Has any one here camped there and hows the fishing in July

Lila access
It’s when EnCon decides the road is passable. Usually late April or early May. It’s on the same road as Little Tupper and that opens sooner. Try that. Go to Rock Pond. Great trip early in the year.

Good news:
Recived E-mail today from Ranger Robert Zurek in which he states that as we suspected there is no preset date for opening Lila’s gate and it is indeed dependent upon the weather.

And he stated"you can call me at (518)624-6686 to find out if the gate is open.In the past the gate has been opened anywhere from the last week of April to about the second week of May".

hows the fishing
Some of the guys that will be with me like to fish so id like to know whats in there and how they bite in late July early Augest

Good fishing
reports read from several sources,but can’t speak from personal experience at this time.

Fishing on Lila
What I’ve caught there have been some very nice smallmouth. My canoeing friend couldn’t catch a thing, even with my rod. The minute I cast, I had another. Be sure you throw it out in the right way.

how’s the fishing
just came across this site surfing the web and read the posts on lake lila. I have been paddling & camping there the last 5 years. The fishing is very good. Primarily smallmouth (have also caught landlocked salmon & brook trout up Shingle Shanty Brook). The bass hit rapalas, rubber worms, rattle traps, & night crawlers. I have also flyfished with wolly buggers and done real well. The bass get pretty big 3 - 4 lbs. Fish the “channels” between some of the islands and any points. Good luck.