Lila to Little Tupper ?

The wife and I are evaluating our options for our upcoming trip this weekend and at the top of the short list is the traverse from LTL to Lila. I’m thinking of doing the trip in reverse, dropping off mountain bikes at Little Tupper on the way past and putting in at Lila late Thursday, coming out on Sunday. We’ll stay at least 1 nite on Lila and 1 on Rock Pond or LTL. The extra nite I can’t decide. One possibility and thus this post is the new Adk Paddlers Map shows 2 or 3 campsites along the way between Lila and Hardigan. Are any of these worth considering for a stayover for a night? If so, I’d probably hang out at Lila a good part of the day on Friday and start the carry over later in the afternoon, planning to stop at one the mentioned sites along the way. It’s either that or just bite the bullet and carry through in one fell swoop and spend the extra nite at either Lila or LTL.

So, 2-3 questions: any thoughts on those designated sites ? and anything else I should be aware of doing this trip in reverse, like how hard is it to find the take-out from Shingle Shanty brook to the first carry trail for example? other concerns I don’t know about? We’re taking our Bell Northwind, how will it fare in Shingle Shanty? I know it’s very narrow and convoluted in spots.

Thanks in advance for any input. I’ve hiked from Rock Pond to Hardigan and paddled up Shingle Shanty brook a ways but this will be my first trip going across.

Camping choices limited on carry
I’ve been part way from Rock/Hardigan towards Lila and I don’t recall any attractive sites. That area was pretty heavily hit by (legal) logging and it will take years to recover. If I were doing it, I’d probably go all the way and enjoy 2 nights at either Lila or Rock pond.

I can not wait to hear about it. I am gonna try it from Lila to LTL in 2 weeks. I plan on one big day, but will carry minimalist overnight gear in case I get tired. I will not leave a bike, I figure hitching on Sabatis Rd. with a pfd would work well. I would not pass a fellow paddler looking for a ride. Mike

Lila -LTL
Have done this trip 5x inc one over & back in a day w/ my wife from site #9 on LTL. Each was a day trip so have never lugged overnite gear over the long carries. All but return leg of that trip was done in opposite direction (LTL - Lila)

Therefore haven’t paid much attention to camping opportunities mid-way. W/ such excellent campsites on both ends why would you want to camp between & lug gear to be able to do so ? Also, more open sites on either end offer much better chance to avoid bugs. (Believe M. McCrea has rated all LTL sites. Ask him for details)

The takeout from Shingle Shanty brook can’t be missed as Brandeth park, who bought IP rec. rights, has strung a cable across the brook. That carry passes thru interesting , scenic clearing. Brook is wide enough but will require some bow rudders.

From map I’d say Hardigan site is on old, long abandoned logging RR bed, short way past put-in/take out. It’s shoreline is boggy. Little Salmon outlet site also appears to be on carry, a newer Whitney log rd.

Present hi water conditions will be helpful. Hardigan outlet is navigable w/ few liftovers although narrow above Salmon L outlet. Floating it allows option to eliminate that carry. All others are wheelable if you’re into carts.

Again, I’d recommend a daytrip across.

Enjoy !

thanks for the replies. So I’ll be carrying through and treating those sites on the map as target lunch break/rest stop sites and spend 2 nites on Rock Pond/LTL. I wanted to do a day trip to visit Bum & Louie ponds anyway so that would work out great. Weather report says cool this weekend, hopefully that will subdue the flying demons a little and keep population on Little Tupper/Rock Pond down a little. Portaging should be a lot more comfortable than our last trip was with the high humidity & warm temps. Now if only these damn storms will stop rolling through. Been looking forward to doing this trip for a while, can’t wait. Not into carts anymore since buying the Kevlar Bell but good to know the trails are cart-friendly, will make for easier carrying. Hoping to float most of Lilypad-Little Salmon-Hardigan. Will post a report upon return. Everybody else have a great weekend wherever your paddling!


Side trips in Whitney Wilderness
If you’ve time follwing are worth paddling/seeing:

Rock Pond inlet (one coming into it’s far E bay) is navigable for as long as you care to persevere across wilderness boundary

Charley Pond outlet, entering LTL’s far SW bay is also navigable for miles. After passing under Burn Rd bridge, you may, @ low water, need to lift over remains of former log rd bridge. At brook jct I’ve twice stayed on Charley P outlet but turn back @ raps before reaching it. A left (W) turn @ jct might yield L Lila ?

Touey Falls, a few hundred meters(but much longer in yds!)above Hardigan outlet on Salmon L outlet.

Again, present hi water conditions will assist in each of these side trips

Thanks Glen
Have paddled the Rock Pond inlet you mentioned and turned back at the Private property signage. Have visited LTL half a dozen times and not paddled Charley Outlet yet & been wanting to. Sounds like I’ll be pretty busy. I think I’ll get the carry over with early on Friday to leave lots of time for side trips. Thanks for the suggestions!