Lincoln 17' in F/G?

Did Lincoln make a 17’ in F/G? All I can find on the web is a Kevlar with F/G mix on the 5.3 model. If anyone can give me some info it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


You sure its not the Concord
at 16’6" with rounding error?

I would drop in or drop them a line or give them a call. Its nice in Freeport this time of the year.

and they made it in Kevlar, too. I’ve got one coming in for restoration soon. The guy bought it when he was a employee at Summers Backcountry of Keene, NH in the early/mid 80’s. I’ll put up more info when I get my hands on it.


Rob was it the Concord or some
other discontinued model?

Will finish the tale. Going to go look at it and see what it is. I am hoping it’s what I think it is for the price being asked. Like I need one more junk boat. I have tales to tell that would make you cry but I am a glutton for old hulls and trying to make them good again. Guess it’s my curse in life!


Early 80’s
They offered the Downeast 5.3 in either F/G or Kevlar. 70+ lbs for F/G 60+lbs for Kevlar. The 5.3 is listed as 17’5" though.

Had to Bail

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Took a bad slip on ice last night and with a broken back it's just not sitting well at all. Called the guy and told him I would keep track of it on CL and if it is still around will take a spin down in another week or so. Just can't drive right now or really even sit in a car. Yeah, this injury is getting old. I appreciate all of your help though!


Sorry to hear that
Microspikes are a godsend.

Lincoln 5.3

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If it is the 5.3 model they did build it with and option of it being a fiberglass only or a kevlar with fiberglass model. Lincoln originally started in Mass. then moved to Portland Maine followed by a move to Yarmouth Maine followed by a move to Freeport Maine where they are presently located. Along the way they have declared bankruptcy on several occasions and in the 80's when they were still in Portland they were going through one such bankruptcy and it is then that I bought my all fiberglass 5.3 right out of the mold and hauled it home then added the woodwork on my own. It is a light layup and not one that I would drive down a rock filled river in, but fine for flat waters and slow river waters. They were vacuumed bagged around a foam core in those days which allowed them to drop weight and extra layers of fabric, but they weren't a layup to take hard or direct hits. The 5.3 was designed by a person from Maine and it was designed to be a tripping type canoe. Not a lot of rocker, shallow arch, hold a lot of weight and good speed, but not overly maneuverable. I've toured, day paddled, soloed and fly fished out of mine. It did all things well and nothing sensationally.
From the mid 80's on back they did have some other hulls including one that was a tad tender, but really quick. It's specs and model name I do not know.