Lincoln 5.3 Meter Canoe

Has anyone owned or operated a Lincoln 5.3 meter canoe? I love the way they look, and they have all the features I want. I’ll mainly use it for tripping and can’t find anyone around here who owns one so that I can test drive it?

I own an older one

– Last Updated: Mar-26-07 4:34 PM EST –

For tripping it will do just fine. Does everything well and nothing spetacular. Good turn of speed, not a problem in lake waves, some manuverability, will haul weight and you can fly fish out of it. It will seem a little tippier then a rec canoe, but nothing I would fear.

I have not paddled any of the other 17'+ tripping hulls out there to compare it to, but this hull has no major negative points from my experience and it is possible to paddle it solo from the middle. I just sit on a milk crate for that.

Lincoln does a good job building their boats and they are not shoddy with their craftsmanship.