Lincoln 5.3 meter

Has anyone paddled a Lincoln Canoe’s 5.3 meter? It seems to have a lot of features for the bucks, but I can’t find any reviews or discussion about it.

I own one

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It is a good all around hull. Reasonable speed, has a reasonable mixture of tracking and manuverability, will haul a load, but not impossible to paddle alone from the middle. It is dry in big lake waters. Can run easy I, II+ white water that doesn't require a lot of quick manuvering, rock dodging, but would consider it more of an open water boat. I have not paddled some of the other nicer boats in this category by builders like Wenonah or Bell so can't give you a direct comparison there. Some find it a bit tippy, but it has never been an issue for my son and myself to be casting with flyrods at the same time from it.
Mine is an older one and is the lighter foamcore fiberglass model that wasn't designed for heavy abuse, but I have banged it and dragged it enough times to say it hasn't been babied and has held up better then I might have origionally expected.
Mine is over 15 years old and was origionally purchased on a price point (got it cheap at Lincoln's old owners bankruptcy auction), but has served us well and I have no major complaints.

Hull Lust
I have always found the 5.3 to be one of the sexiest trippers going.

In an age where most manufacturers have had to grow and often loose their artisan touch Lincoln has contiued to build a small number of true build perfection boats.

She is fast, light, and strong.

good build
I have not paddled it, but did tour the factory when i was in freeport. Their building methods and attention to detail seemed very good. I think that was lincoln . . . they also make several kayak designs, right?

nice small shop with individual attention to detail on the boats.