Lincoln Canoe Question

Does anybody have any knowledge or info about a performance hull that Lincoln Canoe once produced that was a tandem 16’6" hull. This was not their family/rec 16’6" “Concord” model, but rather a hull somewhat like todays Bell Northstar with out the tumblehome. If you know anything about it, I’m interested in hearing about what one might expect paddling it. Stability, manuverability, efficiency etc. I haven’t succeeded yet at reaching the person at Lincoln who built them in those earlier years.

Mystery Lincoln Canoe II
I called Lincoln today with almost the identical question.

I am looking at a “Lincoln”, that is 17’ with a 36" beam and no tumblehome. It was built in 1980.

The Lincoln people originally guessed it might be a Skowhegan (sp?), but the lack of tumblehome and the late manufacture date made them doubt that guess. Alternatively, it could be a performance canoe or a low rocker white water canoe! I am sending them a photo tomorrow.

The guy who is selling it has happily used it as a flat water touring canoe … and liked it for that purpose.

I also am curious whether anyone has input on the quality, usage, and value of this mystery canoe.

5.3 ?
Their only long boat I am familiar with is this one

I own a late 80’s one. Good all around touring hull that doesn’t do anything spetacular, but does the all around touring thing well. Balanced, reasonable speed and manuverability, but stable enough to fish out of and will haul weight.

Photos of the Mystery Lincoln
I hope I’m not horning in on trmoraine’s thread; but, I am thinking we might be trying to identify the same canoe. This canoe is 17’4" and was built in 1980.

I would appreciate any help in identifying the model, its paddling characteristics, and its value.


Decal on side?

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I couldn't quite read the decal on the side at midship. Does it say Lincoln? It looks very much like their 5.3 meter touring hull or a hull design that might have just predated their present 5.3 mdel. If you can accurately measure it and the specs line up with Lincolns then it is a good chance it is the 5.3. If I had to take a rough quess as to what to expect from the hull in your picture, I would say it will probably handle touring, camping, fishing, big lakes (wind and waves)just fine with a reasonable turn of speed and basic manuverability. The sliding front seat will allow you to trim to the weight of the front passenger. If cheap, it probably is a good all around hull that will multi-task just fine.

Don't sweat throwing your inquiry in on the origional thread. Its' what this is all about.