Lincoln Canoe, Royalex?

Greetings. I just picked up a very used canoe. It appears to be Royalex. I can see the foamed core where one deck plate is missing. The remaining deck plate looks like the one on an old Fiberglass Lincoln. It is 16 ft long, aluminum gunnles, and wood seats and thwarts. Did Lincoln make a Royalex canoe? Any info would be welcome.

its likely a fiberglass Concord
Float tanks are filled with a foam or air in fg boats and covered with a deck plate

Post a photo of what you are describing.

Here are the ends. Foamed core plastic. Bluff entry. No Flotation Tanks. The existing Deck Plate looks like An older Lincoln style. Has an aluminum hand grip. Wear areas on the bottom show 2 layer plastic and foam core. No evidence of Fiberglass.

Yes, it looks like a Royalex hull.

It does but I can’t find any evidence that Lincoln ever built in RX. A head scratcher as they have always strove for lighter weight canoes after getting tired of toting aluminum. They never were a big operation so I suspect someone may have built for them.

That interior is RX for sure.

Thing to make you go hmmm What are the last two numbers of the HIN?

Also it looks like someone glopped goop over the stem to keep water out. Is there another area where you can see the RX sandwich layers?

Do you know that this is a Lincoln canoe or are you assuming that it is based on the appearance of the deck plate? Some canoe makers used deck plates manufactured by a third party that might have been used by more than one canoe builder.

Did you find an HIN on the hull? If so, what are the first three characters (letters)?

I don’t know what make it is. I have a Lincoln, likely a Concord. The Deck plates looked like the one pictured. I replace the Concord Deck Plates some years back with a pair that I bought from Lincoln, when they were in Freeport, Me. There is a serial #,on the pictured canoe, but I have not had any luck yet reading it. And to an earlier question, the hull is worn through at the bow and stern to the foam core. Two layers , foam, then another plastic layer inside. No fabric layers visible.

It is a Royalex canoe. I rather doubt it is a Lincoln canoe. Royalex is a five layer material with a colored layer of vinyl laminated outermost onto the ABS structural material. The ABS is in three layers with a solid outer and inner lamina and the “foam” core which provides stiffness and buoyancy. Then there is another inner layer of vinyl, usually a neutral color like gray or tan.

It is quite possible to repair the areas of the stems that are worn through if you want to do that.