Lincoln Canoe

Someone is selling a Lincoln canoe like this one:

Looks like in good shape with no obvious repairs and no need to do anything on it to paddle. What kind of use are these intended for? Flat water, I guess due to the ridge on the bottom? Any idea about the weight and what a reasonable price is?


Once you’re into ww, you won’t like
a canoe with a keel.

Its an older Lincoln

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and probably not Kevlar. I would find out the year of manufacture and call Lincoln. They are in Freeport ME.

The closest to sixteen foot current boat the Concord does not have a keel.

IIRC I have not seen any Lincolns here with a keel.

Got it

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Thanks for the replies! Indeed, no keel and it is a bit under 16', so on the small side for tandems. Pretty low freeboard too, but i'm going to use it on flat protected water only, most likely. Though, I might take it down some short class 2 sections, possibly... Yes, fiberglass with green gel coat on the outside, aluminum trim and seats as in that photo. Probably 60+lb, so not featherlight either. Nothing spectacular, but in OK shape with no repairs to speak of and only a couple of small gel coat cracks that do not seem to penetrate the fabric. I don't know if $350 was a fair price or not with 2 wooden paddles included, but I got it to give it a try with my daughter over the next few weeks.

Here it is, unless the seller takes down the ad:

oh yeah I would take it
nice small cottage canoe or tripping boat. Lincoln does decent work.