Lincoln canoes and kayaks?

Does this outfit make good stuff? I see that they make a canoe called “the hideaway” that, at 50 lbs (fiberglass) and 32" beam seems like a higher-quality and less tender version of the old town pack. There seems to be a gradual flaring fore and aft of the beam, rather than an abrupt transition. Off hand, the only problem that I can see is that it seems to be offered only in black (not the best in cases of drunken motorboat skippers speeding toward you or rescue scenarios).

Any thought on this brand and this canoe? Thanks.

you are looking at the carbon version
like most all carbon canoes from any maker comes in only black . You can get the Hidwaway in many colors in fiberglass and kevlar.

Lincoln used to be made in Maine now moved to Mass. They make really nice boats. We took our boats to them for repair when needed even though they had not made them. I miss having them nearby.

A Hidden Pond used to be paddled the length of the Androscoggin River every July… Varying water from quickwater to mild rapids to the Kennebec River at its mouth at the sea. It handled all well and for 14 feet was surprisingly roomy . A day tripper though for the most part though with careful packing maybe a weekender.

As far as canoes go I know nothing. However my friend and local shop owner Marshall carries and knows a lot about Lincoln. From what I have seen and heard around the shop they are quality crafts made in the USA. Depending where your located I would stop by our give Marshall a call at The River Connection. However I’m sure he will be here soon!

I appreciate the responses.

Email Marc
Choose any color gel coat you want, not just black.

Had I seen this post yesterday I would have asked Marc Burgoin for you, as he was here presenting on kayak design for our Demo Day. Just drop him an email ( It might take him a day to respond as he & the crew are busy building boats from sunup till sundown.

See you on the water,


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