Lincoln Hideaway/Bell Flashfire


Me was thinkin’ about gettin’ a small canoe. Specifically, I may be paddling a VERY small, slow moving stream at a house I am looking to purchase. The stream is NARROW, but pristine, and has very TIGHT corners. The flow is adequate, and there are some deep holes.

I own a Bell Wildfire, but would I need something even shorter (I know you can’t see the stream) like the Flashfire or a Lincoln Hideaway?


creekin’ boat
Do you wish to paddle a Royalex style boat or more of a spirited lightweight boat for that small stream? Which version of the wildfire are you paddling?



just got the Lincoln link to work. The Hideaway looks like an interesting boat. It appears to be a tad bit wider than a Flashfire but I don’t have those specs readily at hand. For paddling michigan rivers maybe pknoerr will tell us how he likes his “phat” flashfire.

Thanks, Paddleon
I took a closer look at the stream over the weekend. My Bell is the Whitegold. I think it will maneuver the stream.

Just trying to get maybe 1/3 of a mile or so to a beautiful chain of lakes. I hope my financing comes through.

Thanks, again…