lincoln kayak Quoddy

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Lincoln makes 2 Quoddy's, one is 30 lbs and one is 25 lbs. both are 12'6" with a 25 in beam. I
am trying to locate anyone who has purchased one in the past. I am also trying to locate lincoln's
E-mail address.

Thanks for any and all help.


lincoln’s web page and email

Above are the email and web addresses. I’ve looked at the site but never owned or tried one.

acron: my father knew a paddling partner
that had a Quoddy Lite. My dad said the guy could easily pick it up with one arm, and carry it all over the place with ease. It was not the fastest boat around, with its really wide 25 inch beam… so for all teh money and the ligtness, it still is short and wide, two ingredents for slow speed. He also said that it was in many ways as fragile as a hard bpoiled egg shell. The paddler already had a repair job that was quiet extensive after one season of paddling. He no longer keeps in touch with the Quoddy paddler. (likely becuase the Quoddy owner only likes to paddle flatwater without any submerged stumps, no oceans or surf, and nothing that could scratch the Q Lite. Thus this light boat has him paddoling swimming pools only). :wink:

Thank you for the update on the Quoddy. You are thesecond person I have heard that about the

Quoddy. It damages easily and is quite slow.

Once again thanks.


back to the drawing board

Quoddy Lite
Hi Alan,

I just bought a Quoddy 30 lb. I’ve been out 3 times and will go again tomorrow… its great! I needed something I could get on my car by myself. Are you thinking of buying one?

Acohn, here’s a deal on a 29 pounder.

Includes free insured shipping. A 29 lb rec boat!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, and thanks for asking. Yes, I am seriously thinking of buying a quoddy. I have heard some

really nice things about it. With skeg it cuts across current nicely. Easy to paddle. I just received a catalog from Lincoln. I just e-mailed them to see if there is any where in the Tampa, Fla area that sells the boat so I can possibly get it on the water.

Yes, I am seriously considering buying one. I have heard some negative things about the quoddy,

but I have also heard some very nice things, about how is tracks great with skeg cross current. It is easy to paddle and cuts through the water nicely.

wish that had been available
when i ordered the little kestrel :frowning: