lincoln kayaks?

The walrus kayak thread made me think of this. Anyone have firsthand experience? Apparently they have a lightweight layup, kevlar composite sandwiching foam core (I think I have that right). Great looking and light boats but anyone have experience on durability?

One of the ladies I paddle with
has one, a somewhat older one. It had some issues with the skeg well; apparently a previous owner tried to get it unstuck using a chef’s knife and pierced the layup. Lincoln fixed it for her.

The layup and gelcoat seems good, it is stiff and lightweight. The design is nice. But … while she was discussing repairs to her boat with some folks, there seemed to be a few opinions that the newer boats were not of the same quality as the older ones. I don’t know if there was a change in ownership or manufacturing method that was given as a possible cause for those opinions.

more re lincoln
The original owner sold to a younger guy a couple of yrs ago. But l think he is still involved, just not full time. Both are great guys.