Lincoln Sequin kayak

Ran across the name in a book. Never heard of it. I’m sure there are many others I haven’t heard of. There is one review here. They are pricey!

I think Marshall carried that brand some years ago. I recall a very stealthy black boat.

Hope my memory isn’t playing tricks.

I carried the Lincoln in its later days. The Seguin was a neat design reminiscing in feel to the old Eddyline Nighthawk but with better behavior in wind.

Lincoln Kayaks have a well-respected history. Sandy, the founder, was also a wonderful resource for boat repair. A younger person who was also great, whose name I am blanking on, picked up the line and business when Sandy had to retire. The web site seems active, but I have not stopped by the location in a decade or more now.

The length of the Sequin places it within two inches of the old P&H Vela. Which I can personally attest to being a very capable size. I have bounced thru haystacks over my head in the Vela - frankly because I have never been good enough to get fancier than bouncing thru that size of haystacks. (And it is fun.) Vela is fully up to it, in fact a longer boat may have been too much for me to handle. The first capsize that session at Sullivan Falls was an eighteen foot newer P&H design.