lincoln two lites

does anyone have experience with this boat? i took up seakayaking about three years ago and have a CD caribou for myself. i paddle about 25 to 35 miles per week in the summer on maine coast in many conditions. i would like to get my wife out on the ocean and she will only be able to do that in a tandem. she has no experience so i would be more conservative with her. since lincoln’s tandem is only 16’9" , and very light , i am wondering about its seaworthiness,tracking stability, speed, comfort, and quality. because the two cockpits seem close together, do paddlers interfere with each other? any feedback would be appreciated.

have friends with this boat
and they are quite happy with it. They are both experienced paddlers, but the Klepper they had was getting too heavy.

More a lite touring boat than a full

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out sea kayak. A great boat for intro to tandem paddling but it's short. Nice stability profile. Not too much primary, reassuring secondary. Fantastic boat for really big lakes. Paddle clashing is going to happen unless you are way in sync. Cockpits are very close. Love to paddle it on lake Champlaign. I'd be a bit worried on open ocean with fetch, unless my partner had better skills than me.

This review is not the be all and end all. I have only paddled this boat on flat water once with a total newbie, and once with my wife. I am a decent kayaker but far from expert, can paddle in 25 knot wind, and have an OK on side roll

If I came across one at a good used price in two years I would buy it without hestiation. Love it for going out with my daughter if she is a bit serious about paddling. Love this boat on Boston harbor but I would check the weather heavily.