lining your hatches?

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sorry...was not paying attention completely when i typed it..should be compartments...not hatches..

Does anyone out there bother to line their compartments??? i despise when i am out playing in waves and i drop an edge and hear my spare nalgene rolling across the bottom of the boat.....URGH.....

my instructor used enso foam to line his boat....i searched for a bit and got a cheap yoga mat....sliced it up and tossed it in for trial runs....

the boat is much quieter now....

i had tried to 77 it in and the mat did not stay....have to retry that one.....

i just got a big sheet of some rubber matting stuff that is about 1/32" thick....was thinking about redoing the liner with the new stuff....

just curious if anyone else went this far :)


they are called ‘compartments’. The ‘hatches’ are just the lids or ‘door’ into the compartment.

I use float bags which keep things from shifting AND provide extra protection if I happen to hole my hull. hows that fer nautical jargon??

‘hole my hull’.



I believe the hatches ARE the compartments, the “doors” are hatch covers.

Yep, Both…
a. An opening, as in the deck of a ship, in the roof or floor of a building, or in an aircraft.

b. The cover for such an opening.

c. A hatchway.

d. Nautical A ship’s compartment.

Trade your water bottle for a bag.
If the noise of your rolling water bottle bothers you, don’t use bottles. Water bags don’t make noise or roll to one side and upset your trim. Also, they can bend to fit the available space when the compartment is full of other gear. When river tripping, I see all the kayakers struggling to cram bags of gear into their boats, and I’m sure that job would be even worse if the compartments were lined with foam.

Or carry more crap
That way nothing can roll… a gallon jug of hot tea with honey should help out.

Oops - should I have typed that with an accent?

just my day hatch/compartment
hull section for noise attenuation against hard gear or boxes. Plus I can use the Wally mart sleeping mat materials to sit on during stops.

I lined the rear storage with a 1/2" foam so I can put ice and fish in it. Works for lunch too if we are just paddling. Wallmart sells 1/2" foam sleeping pads and I use a trash compactor bag so I dont slime it.

Mouse pads are good too, but it…
might take quite a few.

I thought they were the trim tanks
just fore and aft of my engine room.

Platypus bags…
lose the water bottles and start using Platypus bags. They bungee well to the deck and stay there. They make no noise and can be floatation.

Pool noodles work great for taking up room and providing more floatation, and they can’t deflate. Walmart, $1.50 each.

I keep those really big Glad Clothing

Storage zip lock bags in my boats too. They are much tougher than the standard baggie, and are water/air tight and work very well as dry bags for boats or backpacking.

Compartments? Hatches? How about ‘bulkheads’?

You enter through a ‘hatch’, you live in a ‘compartment’, you store things in ‘bulkheads’. You cover ‘bulkhead hatches’ with ‘hatch covers’.

New Nautical Terms
A couple of weeks ago, I joined some of our club’s flatwater paddles on a lake.

Several of us decided to have some fun so we took my drogue (that I cary for towing a disabled paddler through surf), attached it to the trip host’s stern. After she discovered it, and got some help to remove it, a newer paddler asked me if that was a drogee thingee. I started laughing so hard, I almost capsized.

How about a roll of non-skid that you can buy at any box store? I do what Celia says, I carry alot of stuff (crap).


Beach towel…
Roll the stuff up in a beach towel and then you have a beach towel to use too.

Beach Towel Good

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No way would I line the inside of my boat with stuff just to muffle a little noise. I WOULD, however, paint a kayak some other color if I got a deal on a pink one.

Eyes sensitive.

Ears not sensitive.

Beach towel very good.
Beach towel, water bottle, thermos (if I carry one) all in one DB. I don’t like to feel anything knocking around.


why not

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fix tie points on the inside of the compartments to bungie stuff down? Or toss it in a spare paddle float and inflate it. OH yeah, get one of those neoprene nalgene bottle covers.