Links for Paddle Shapes/Designs?

I’m been all over the net looking for pics of different shapes of canoe paddles. Making my third one and am wanting to make a different shape than the beavertail or square bottom paddle. Anyone have any links or info they’d care to share? Many thanks.


There’s a good book on the subject
"Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own": by Graham Warren and David Gidmark. I’m a kayaker, but still found it interesting. There are a lot of useful techniques in the book, as well as explanations of many common designs.


Nice here

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Red river Canoe and Paddle
Here is a craftsman that has done a lot of research on traditional paddle shapes. He makes some fantastic reproductions and does any custom-work one could imagine.

He has written a few magazine articles on the subject, but I don’t recall offhand what titles/issues.

If the link doesn’t work - just google “Red river canoe and Paddle”.