Links take you entirely off the Pcom page

Unless I did something wrong. I answered the kayak survey from the senior class and the link does not open in a new window. Unless you hit the back button rather than close P com disappears entirely. The survey seems worthwhile as cold wet hands are always a hot or cold topic for discussion Senior Project Kayaking Survey

Same here. Didn’t open in a new window. Had to put my keyboard in reverse to get back here. Thanks for the comment as I didn’t notice that survey.

So @kayamedic and @Rookie it looks like y’all discovered a bug. If the link shows the preview (like at the bottom of this post), it will open in a new tab (which is what we would expect). However, if some creates an inline link then it does NOT open a new tab.
I am reporting this to the developer.

Brian my IT knowledge is just above that of a gnat. But I learned something!

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That’s a heck of a description! :laughing:

Turns out that this was (mostly) fixed in the latest release. We should be updating the forum in the next month (once the newest version is out of beta).

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Thank you!