Links to decked canoe manufacturers:

Here’s some links to decked canoe manufacturers. I’m doing this to consolidate the links in one easy to find thread for decked canoes.

Bell Rob Roy

Superior Canoes Dreamweaver

Kruger Sea Wind and Dreamcatcher

Clipper Sea-1

Please feel free to add more, if there are anymore.

JEM Watercraft
JEM Zephyrus stitch and glue plans


C Boats
Millbrook Boats… faster, faster!

Drakkar… for a wheel good time.

Esquif… can you say creeker?

Shaggy… anybody got a Scoobysnack?

Robson… who you callin a Fink!?

Hey I just lifted these from the links page at

There are more there if you are interested.


One more link
Thanks Yanoer for puting this together. I’d seen the Kruger before, but not the Superior. Very cool.

There is one more link that I know of. Easy Rider

makes a couple of simular looking boats boats.

The Cormorant and Tatoosh are built from wider kayak hulls and have larger cockpits for rowing as well as paddling. The Cormorant in particular looks like a narrower and lower Rob Rob.

The TSL-1 is a decked canoe with 3 cockpits.


Not to be snotty, but the first list
does not seem to include ANY builder that offers true decked canoes. I’m an old c-1 paddler (32 years), and my criterion for a real decked canoe is one that has a smallish cockpit suitable for a tight sprayskirt, and can be rolled. I do not know of any Clipper canoe (though I admire their efforts a great deal) that fills that criterion. Millbrook probably offers the largest selection of true decked canoes at present.

Phoenix Vagabond and Poke Boat.
I have one of each.

Phoenix Vagabond

Phoenix Poke Boat

Both have seats almost on the bottom like a kayak or Rob Roy, but can easily tolerate the seat 6" off the bottom for me at 5’6" and 150 lbs.

While I don’t disagree with you G2d,

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You should realize where this comes from. There has been ongoing discusion about "decked" touring canoes like the Kruger Sea Wind, Bell Rob Roy and Clipper Sea-1.

Still there are some interesting craft. I'd forgotten about the Easy Rider. Looks like some pics I've seen of early slalom C-2s.

Me? I still want a touring C1 set up with a whitewater cockpit so's I can play (and roll) in the waves.
Guess I'll have to build my own :-(


hey snotty : )
‘true canoe’? you have a very narrow definition. so how would you classify a rob roy, sea wind etc?

partially decked/enclosed canoes?

a rob roy, sea wind etc ?

Rec boats

Not speaking for anyone other than me here but for going out in conditions I want a boat that I can roll without having to bail.

Maybe a Dream Catcher?


Hornbeck ETUC

Never seen one; supposedly like their Lost Pond pack canoe, but decked.

Sea Wind = Pungo = rec yak, Tommy?
Very interesting analogy.

The Sea Wind that I paddled on a twisty, obstacle strewn river last weekend didn’t resemble the rec yaks I’ve had (and still have) except for the large cockpit and partial decks. Other things such as seat height, seat comfort and handling qualities were quite different.

I do agree that paddling a Rob Roy last summer, with the seat on the floor and using a kayak paddle, did remind me of using a rec yak or my Phoenix Poke Boat or Phoenix Vagabond when seated almost on the floor and using a double paddle. It was not a “canoe” experience for me. I actually “percieve” the Rob Roy, Poke Boat and Vagabond as being similar and more kayak like than canoe like. The Sea Wind, and I assume also the Clipper and Superior Canoes offerings, are much different animals due to the much higher seating options making it easier for use of a canoe paddle. Paddling the Sea Wind “felt” completely like paddling a canoe, such as my Sawyer Summersong, Bell Wildfire or Mad River Slipper, not kayak like at all.

Just my experience, YMMV, of course.

I’ve never paddled a small cockpitted canoe that’s designed for rolling. Sounds interesting. I don’t even roll my sea kayak yet.

g2d, no problem. Thanks for your

TommyC1 was right, this is a spin off of the recent thread regarding decking a Summersong.

As that thread pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be many offerings for general purpose decked canoes, which is what decking the Summersong, or another Sawyer solo canoe hull, was going to try to remedy.

I paddled Sea Wind #105 last weekend on a twisty, sometimes fast, obstacle strewn river and very much enjoyed the experience of paddling, with a bentshaft ZRE paddle, such a stable, comfortable and seaworthy canoe. I preferred the Sea Wind over my Bell Wildfire on that trip and would probably prefer it over my Summersong for lake paddling. I wish that my Wildfire and Summersong were as confidence inspiring and comfortable. Actually, the Summersong is quite comfortable for me, but not as confidence inspiring as the Sea Wind.

I’ve never been near a fully decked canoe such as the Millbrooks, but I’d welcome the opportunity sometime.

The main purpose of this thread was to consolidate in one thread, the options available for decked canoes in general, whether fully decked or semi decked, for my own education as well as others that aren’t familiar with the decked boat options out there. Paddling the Sea Wind was a real eye opener for me.

Thanks again for your input.

" It’s still not a Pungo"



Sea 1
I agree…and the Sea 1…I’ve paddled it…down through class 3 rapids and in 12 footers on Lake Superior…Good enough for me.


I have considered putting partial
thin, hard decks on my Mad River Synergy, because it tends to take on more water than other WW designs. But I would not deck it completely over. The alternative is to put in one of those lithium battery sump pumps. I have heard really good reports on their effectiveness.