Lip gripper question

I’m new to the fishing game (just started late last fall) and am slowly adding the “tools of the trade” to my arsenal. I’d like to get a lip gripper, but wow, those bogas are really expensive! Google search turned up “Berkley’s Big Game Lip Grip” at $27.99. Are these worth it, or do you really have to spend over $100 to get the Bogas, or $75 to get the Rapalas? I’m fishing saltwater, so I don’t want anything that’s going to rot after the first time out. Any opinions?

boga worth it
After you get over the sticker shock of the Boga you will never regret it. It is an amzing tool that is so far beyond what the imitators are trying to do. Worth every penny (I’ve bought 2!). I fish strictly saltwater and have had zero corrosion or performance issues. I simply hose it off when I get home (when I’m rinsing my reels) and hang it up until next time. No problems.

I have a stainless knock off of the Bogagrip I purchased on ebay (tackleho was the seller). It has a 15lbs. scale. I paid about $18 for it. is a link to the seller’s webpage. It works fine for me. It lays on the bottom of my canoe in saltwater without corrosion problems. In over a year, I’ve never bothered to wash it off.


i have a berkley and have used it for a couple years now with no problems

The Berkley has worked fine for me. Handles catfish to redfish and everything else I can catch.

Berkley lip gripper
I have used the Berkley lipgripper for over a year and had no problems with it…rinse it off with fresh water.

The only problem is with bigger fish. Hooked up a 20 pd Barracuda and got it to the boat. When I lifted him, he twisted off. For average fish Berkley is great, If your catching larger fish go with the Bogas.

That’s the issue I’ve seen with the Berkley grippers - they’re a lot harder on the fish as they don’t have the swivel and shock system built as well at the Boga. Also, I’ve -heard- folks call the Berkley a “lip ripper” rather than “lip gripper” as it’s not as gentle on the fish.

Glad to hear it’s working for people, though. I’ll keep me Bogas.

Lip ripper
Here on Long Island, we do a lot of catch and release, especially with Striped Bass, which have to be 28" to keep. I want to do as little damage as possible to those striped beauties, so maybe it sounds like I have to spring for the Bogas?

The berkley has served me well in saltwater since it came on the market. I never used the boga so cant comment on it. Berkley just came out with a longer one with a digital scale.

Atrick I learned a few years ago is to tie a 1/4 inch diameter piece of bungie ti it with a snap clip. Then clip it somwhere solid so you can stretch it to the fish but it it still tied to the boat. With big stripers near structure as soon as I have the grip on the fish I used to drop it in the water and then paddle away to open water. The fish just swims along with you. If she makes a run the bungie stretches out and then pulls her back to the yak without doing any damage. See my striper pic (green yak)in the picture section of this site. Look close at the lip of the fish.


Thanks, Guys
for the responses. I ordered the Bogas from Cabelas. I hope I get over the sticker shock soon, Plastic Navy! Thanks, Barrell, for the bungee idea - sounds like a good one. I’d like to see your striper pic, but can’t find it on the site. Got a link for it?