Liqid Logic Pisgah reviews?

Was just wondering: has anyone out there tried out this boat? I’m looking to buy one for a crossover style kayak. Wanting to use it in a few calm lakes and some class 2 rivers (maybe some 3 at flood stage). Any info is apreciated thanks!!!

Class III ???
I paddled this boat this Summer. I think the one I was in was ?? 14ft ?? It was a great flat water paddle. I am a big guy and the key hole cockpit was a little tight for me on the exit. As a matter of fact i gashed me leg open on the backband ratchet and still have the scar. Beyond that I have only good things to say. Reasonably soft edges that allow for a little better turning than you expect with the length, yet with a descent stroke it tracks well too.

Now, about that Class III. You really don’t want to use this boat for a “real” class III. Will it go through class III? Sure! Everything will go through, but not everything is a good idea.

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III at flood stage
was the ?



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for all the help…anyone else?