Liquid Logic Coupe

Does anybody know where online a person could find more info on this new SOT.

Their own website doesnt give much for dimentions and capasities.

Send LL an email asking who the
designer is, that your looking for

info and does he have a blog, etc.

–They should get back to you if they’re

interested in a potential sale…If not,

maybe you’ll want to shop elsewhere.

The LL site blogs and their Facebook page.

Having had several SOTs
this looks like a hybrid design that would work okay on flatwater and easy whitewater. If you do short flatwater trips (

Thats it.
easy rivers and large ponds.

I just sent an e-mail.

hopefully I’ll know soon.



Coupe Specs
I have two Torrents but anxiously await the Coupe. I also have a Remix XP 10. The Coupe is supposed to be based off the XP 10. I love my Torrents and XP 10. The Torrent is awesome on class I, II, & light III. If the Coupe paddles anything like the Remix XP 10…it will do likewise. I guess we shall see. :slight_smile:

Length 10’

Weight 45 lbs.

Width 30"

Capacity 275 lbs.

  • per shoptogetoutdoors web site.

Obie says…
the same thing but he didnt say a weight.

He said one hasnt been established yet.

He guessed 350

275 is good enough for me…Plus gear


I gotta try or buy one of these come spring.


remintn, Liquid Logic has an intro video on this boat. Woody Callaway says it’s good for up to class 2 waters and has a weight cap. of 270 lbs. Nothing is said about extra gear past that weight. Nice boat. I need to sell one of my boats, and get me a Coupe.

I was looking into the Deuce Coupe. Has lots of room for one and Woody says in the video that is is great for a larger paddler. I know its 13ft long, 33 inches wide. The email from them gave me the info I needed. The price is $829.00.

If I go for a SOT I would be looking pretty hard at this one. The Coupe is very cool as well but just a little small for me but the video of the Coupe and Deuce Coupe look great. Looks to be a very nice SOT.

Gotta get one
past my wife first.

Last year I told her the XP9 was for her and the kids.

I think I have more time in it than they do,even if it is to small for me(I’m in the 225 - 230 weight range).When we all go out I still have a spare kayak hanging in the shed.

Do you think if I put running lights on it she would believe its a end table?