Liquid logic remix xp9

Hey I was wondering I have an opportunity to buy an xp9 for a descent price. Im 6’0 and about 195, I know that the boat holds 220, I just want to make sure im not drowning or plowing through the water.

Does anyone know if I’ll be good.



You’ll be fine, but I think you will be happier with the XP10. I am about your size and ended up getting the XP10 after trying both.

Hey Mike

You could do the 9 but I think you will be more happy in the XP 10. One of the main things is the deck is a bit lower on the XP 9 but if you are used to a lower leg posture it’ll be good for you.


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Thanks guys I kind of figured

where is it…
I’m a smaller frame and would fit great in the XP9 :slight_smile: