Liquid Logic Stingray 14?

-- Last Updated: Aug-01-06 8:33 PM EST --

Does anyone have any experience with Liquid Logic's 14 ft Stingray (rec kayak)?

I've found a few reviews online for the 12 ft model but nothing on the 14 ft. I just happened to come across one in a shop while traveling recently and was interested enough that I might want to demo and possibly buy one. Unfortunately, the nearest dealer with a demo set-up is several hours away and I wanted as much information as possible before I invested the extra time and gas money. I've demoed a Pungo 140 once or twice before and I was leaning towards it right up until I saw the Stingray.

I have one, but not much experience…

– Last Updated: Aug-02-06 6:53 AM EST –

It's the first and only kayak I've owned, and I've had it for a couple of months. I'm very satisfied with it, but of course I don't have anything to compare it to. I demo'd the Pungos (120 and 140), but bought the LL due to the much better price I was able to get.

As compared to the 12', the 14 is nearly 2 feet longer, an inch narrower, and only 4 pounds heavier. Since nearly all of my paddling is on lakes or very slow rivers, I opted for the extra length.