Liquid Logic xp9 Questions

I have a Dagger Animas that I’ve done some overnight trips in, and I’m looking for a boat for my wife.

What I hope to do is get a boat that we can both use. My wife is 5’5 and 110 lbs. I’m 6’2 and 195 lbs.

My requirements for a boat have led to the Liquid Logic xp9. I have two questions about this boat:

  1. I’m trying to get a sense for how much gear the rear hatch will hold. I understand that the volume in the hatch is 3000 ci in size. Other than dry bags, what would a backpacker need to think about differently to pack this boat for a one or two night trip?

  2. Is the boat going to be too small for me?

    If you have some thoughts on this, please let me know.

    Thank you for your help.

I test paddled one recently
I also paddled the XP10, which was too large for me. I am 5’10", 185. The storage area was not all that large but our tent fit into it with no problems and room to spare. I borrowed the boat from a friend whose wife is about the same size as yours. She paddles the XP9 but needs all the padding that is available. In my judgment it is actually too big for her. One of the reasons the hatch is as small as it is is the large area behind the seat. If it had a day hatch it would be in that area. With the skeg up the XP9 handles just like a WW boat, which means you need to learn how to make it go straight. With the skeg down it tracks very well but is somewhat slow. The bulbous nose tends to plow through the water. We decided not to purchase one.

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Hi... I have a XP10...I would not consider the rear storage area all that big considering the skeg cable and the " bubble" inside to house the retracted skeg take up room. 2 medium? dry bags is about all that will fit back there at best. the boat will fit both you and your wife equally well. Some people took the XP's down the Grand Canyon and they custom cutout the forward most section of the front foam flotation wall to make room for another dry bag up front. I have also added a deck bag( small Northwater brand) to carry immediate use items. I had to add 4 extra commercial 1" flat strap holders to the front deck for the bag straps.I'm 5'7"@200#...the big open cockpit turns some people off but i like it for ease of getting in and out..The 9' might be better suited to a woman but for dual use the extra foot of the 10 isn't going to hurt. It Does tend to plow a bit in choppy water due to the bow shape.

i have two
Different backpacks. I feel like one is 3000 ci and the other one is 6000. The bigger one is huge and I can do a week or more with it. The smaller one is good for light overnighters or weekends. You could rig a stern bag for a sleeping bag or tent.

Ryan L.

There is no way his wife will fit …
in an XP10. My wife, who is 5’6" and weighs more found the XP10 hugely too large.

Thanks for the feedback
All of the feedback here is very helpful.


XP size…
true she might not like the size of the 10 but OP said for use by both. Since I have never been in a XP9, I cannot vouch for his size being suitable for it. since you can change hip pads easily in these boats, the 10 could possibly be made to fit a smaller stature person. Again, I have heard some people feel lost in the large cockpit opening of the 10 and opt for the 9. There’s only a overall width change of 2" in width between the 9 &10 according to specs. Rated max paddler weight for the 9 is 220#'s and 330#'s for the 10. the cockpit length is only 2" shorter in the 9 ( same width as the 10).considering overall gear and paddler weights ,I’d still go with the 10.