Liquid Logic

Does anyone know who makes Liquid Logic kayaks? I think they are in South Carolina. I didn’t see them listed on this website.

I am trying to locate a dealer in Ohio. On the Liquid Logic website they have four dealers listed for Ohio. I know that two of the listings do not contain current information and of the other two I got no answer when calling their phone.

Thanks in advance if you can assist.

I am thinking of purchasing a Manta Ray 10 foot.


go to…

and send email to the user named GRITS.

I’ll give her a heads up too, but I believe

that white water warehouse in Dayton carries LL.

GRITS = Jill who works at LL custome service.

are an independent company, not owned by any large corporation or conglomerate. Try contacting Liquid Logic directly.

Also try looking for an internet dealer. Lot of them offer free shipping on new boats.

Appomattox River Company in my hometown of Mayberry…uh, I mean Farmville, VA is tough to beat. They sell LL.They are the number one dealer in the country. Tell Tom, Sara, or Bob that Steve sent ya. I’m working hard to get a discount on my next boat. :slight_smile:

Didn’t Legacy buy them?

correction…they are now partially
owned by Andy Zimmerman’s company Legacy Paddlesports…

the two companies merged in Dec 2006…

not certain exactly how that affects anything…might just be that ll needed more of a finacial backing…they have had troubles before trying to keep up with production…they grew up TOO quickly…


Liquid Logic Ohio dealer
Try Paddle Power Boat Shop in Chillicothe.

Steve Earley is the owner…best contact time would probably be mid-morning Monday-Thursday.


76 W. Water Street

Chillicothe, OH 45601

My wife and I both have Manta Rays from Steve…hers is a 10 and mine a 14. We are happy with both the boats and the service!