Liquidation sale, Kokatat + other stuff

Just got an email notice from Feathercraft dealer and kayak touring guide Lyle Hancock at Folding Kayak Adventures in Colorado and he has decided to get out of the retail business to concentrate on trips. He is selling off everything he has left in stock, incuding a few Kokatat drysuits, warm wear and PFD’s, Brooks tuiliks, Aquabound break-down paddles and miscellaneous other paddling items, all at 40% off. Good opportunity to get somebody (or yourself) some very nice presents this year.

back from Yuma
where visitors were few on the mesa into Fort Myers beach recent site of dead fish beach from a coastal red tide.

The place was deserted.

Local authorities took the time out to spray pyridine leaving me to escape onto the I76 rest area where…there were no 18 wheelers before Christmas.

Leaving town for the Ocala, I arrive finding the Dorr Lake area empty.

this is
this is the greatest reply in the history of pnet. lol.

thanks for the heads up willow


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DK is our mystic oracle. Who knows what inspires his enigmatic utterances? We mere mortals can only guess......

ah you’re off the grid ?
number of vehicles …and cost/rareness/number of Jag sedans

in/on Florida parking lots December to March directly relates to general consensus on consumer spending

that is…with low spending confidence projections retailers, especially upper end niche types eg IR will unload inventory at low or even non-existent profit margins

Poses a question For the consumer with cash in hand …buy now or wait for late January ? Large retailers having larger inventories will be here in January esp for stuffed elephant trunks.

I bought all my stuff after the Bush Debacle, great buys following the computer over capitalization crunch…why you could ‘pick up’ a nice Speedster replica for almost nothing

I thought you knew all this…

thanks bump
Some great drysuit deals. I’m going to grab a drysuit liner.

cash for clunkers
made for some great deals on cars otherwise headed for the crusher.

As the incongruent heteroclite persists…

Anyway, hope those who actually caught the gist of my notification snag some good deals. Fleece drysuit liners are heavenly, like a woolie one-sie for adults. I’ve been tempted to wear mine around the house lately as the nights get colder.

Steep and Cheap Sale
Steep and Cheap just started the clock, on a new sale.—kayaks-and-more-on-sale

heard here…quick check shows lower lowest prices…the 20L Baja Sealine