LiquidLogic GUS or Pyranha H:3 255

Cant make up my mind. Ive sat in the GUS and it fits great. The hips pads are a little thick for me but that can be adjusted I guess.

Looking for a used creek boat in the $500 range that fits my 12ft and 34 inseam w/ shoes on.

I guess the GUS is replaced with the Jefe and the H:3 255 is replaced with the Burn L.

Any comments on these 2 boats?

not many creekers here…
I’m more of a playboater so I’m not really familiar with how those particular boats handle the steep stuff. I’d post this question on Boatertalk as I’m sure you’ll get lots of responses.

I wish i could comment on either
but like Sczhipak i too am not a creeker. I hear some negatives coming from creekers about the quality of the plastic used by Pyranha. Me, i do have a Pyranaha and have no problem with the boat, but like i said, except for my bones, “I don’t creek”. Again, recommend Boatertalk.