LiquidLogic Pisgah vs Necky Zoar Sport

I’m new to kayaking and looking to buy my first boat. I’m 5’8", 180. Have paddled a Pisgah 14’ with rudder and a Manitou 14 with skeg. I liked the Pisgah much better. Seemed to have a much more comfortable cockpit and thigh support. Also seemed to have better secondary stability for me, much better than the Manitou.

The necky Zoar seems to have a similar hull design to the Pisgah, a slight vee with some mild chines. I’m having trouble finding one to demo locally but want to paddle anything I plan on buying before I make the final call.

Any thoughts out there on either of these boats or comparisons between the two which would benefit me?

I chose the Pisgah
I didn’t paddle either before buying, but I love the Pisgah. It fit me better in the store anyway. I can’t find anything I don’t like about it paddling in wind, waves, flat water and rivers (class 1 and 2). I don’t think you can go wrong. I like Neckys too, but the Pisgah is a great boat.

Pisgah wins my vote for you.
I have paddled a dozen or so 14’-17’ kayaks. The Pisgah would be a fine boat to grow into, without growing out of too soon.

did you buy the pisgah?
Hi, I’m looking at a used pisgah and wanted to know which boat you ended up buying? Others said the pisgah was great too. just looking for other input before buying! thanks