LiquidLogic Pisgah

Anyone have any experience with the Pisgah as a crossover boat? They’ve got some interesting video footage on their web site of someone taking a Pisgah down the Gauley.

sure its not a cross over boat. but if your crazy enough anything is a cross over

Crazy enough!
Had a great time taking my Dagger Cortez 16.5 down the Mulberry (Class I-II) here in Alabama. Dumped once, had a great time surfing the rapids. As long as I kept it pointing into the current, it would just sit there. Of course, peeling out after surfing was interesting in a 16.5’ boat. Ya need some room to turn it around. Not too mention the time spent going sideways! Woohoo!

heheee good one about peeling out
we took two Aquaterra Chinooks down the lower 2/3’s of the Nolichucky, just have to EXAGGERATE the eddy turns a bit, but for standing wave surfing they were great…took them to the Hiwasee and a ranger below the dam asked if we knew what we were doing!

just like…
driving a log truck


in rush hour

while it’s snowing

very fast

listening to heavy metal

real loud

while 2 kids are screaming in the seat next to ya.

get the picture?

do-able but…why?


I dunno,
Sure looks like they’re having fun…

Look for the big boatin’ videos on the right sidebar

Here in Alabama
Quite a few of our whitewater rivers have fairly long sections of flat water. Those play boats will kill you on the flat stuff. Plus, those longer boats can really surf upstream(at least mine do!) which is a heck of a lot of fun. They also seem to be better at precision ferrying. I can point that Cortez upsteam, pull the bow off the current just a bit and move sideways inches at a time. The problem is when the current starts swirling. Hard to keep headed up into it when its coming from every which way.