Liquidlogic Sojourn 14' any reviews

I have heard that this new material called MFT is lighter stronger and more durable than anything else kayaks are made of. The 14’ has a weight of just 35lbs. Anyone try this yet? What is the price on these?

Not sure if this helps

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but it's the same boat as the Pisgah except in a different material. Don't know the price.

No first hand knowledge but…
I am a little familiar with the Pisgah which is similar to the Sojourn. The Pisgah is a decent day touring boat. I’ve paddled it once and it seemed OK. As far as the MFT material, I friend of mine who owns an outdoor store said they got to beat one of Liquidlogic’s MFT boats with a hammer and couldn’t do much damage. They were really impressed with the material.


sojourn 14 foot
I saw this in Mens Health magazine as being a new product, they did not mention price. As I get older I look for lighter and easier ways to get on the water more often.

Liquidlogic Sojourn
The Buyer’s Guide on this site has them listed at $1999.00.


Release date April '07
The release date for the Sojourn is April '07 and the MSRP is $2000. If you haven’t already done so take a look at and open the Pisgah page and click on the video on the Chatooga, wow, what a ride!

It’s worth noting that the paddler in the video is Woody Calloway, one of the best paddlers in the business. Its a neat soundtrack so the video is worth watching even if you aren’t in the market for a Pisgah/Sojourn.

The other note is that Liquid Logic just merged with Legacy, which put two really good design teams under the same umbrella. We’re probably going to see a lot of innovations from that shop in the coming months and years.

Wow, thats original.
they could of just called it pigsah MFT. Why didn’t they get an ORIGINAL design for the new material??