Just curious why when you look at the reviews in Kayaks LiquidLogic does not show in the manufacture list, I did notice if you are specific in search you will hit a couple of thier older models reviewed.

So, what is the general consensus on their craft? Their pricing seems to be a tad lower than comparable models. Of course they tout top quality and material.

I have been entertaining the thought of a squirrel, stomper or remix. Currently own SOT and a Zydeco looking to be able to eventually hit class III +

Thoughts, Suggestions. Thanks in advance.

We visited their factory a few years ago
They are a first class outfit and build first class kayaks.

On the tour we asked if they sold blems and they said “absolutely not”

If I was looking for a WW yak, I wouldn’t hesitate on buying one

Jack L

Where exactly did you look?
I just looked, and they are in the list right between Lincoln and Loki where one would expect them to be in an alphabetical menu.

Our family owns three of their boats - 2 Remixes and a Stinger XP. Great designs. Price is cheaper because they sell factory direct.

Ask about demo models
Every once in a while they will have a demo boat for sale, I lucked into a demo Stinger XP in 2014. You do have to ask, they won’t tell you about them available.

Guide Gear is were I was referring to no listing for LL, as stated previously the reviews seem to be non current models with a few exceptions

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Are listed in the Gear Guide. There are quite a few reputable manufacturers absent.

Recently acquired by Hurricane
About a year ago, they stopped selling their ww kayaks though dealers and sold direct at a discounted price. Since the merger, they instituted a substantial additional discount on all ww boats, except the Braaap. On occasion, they have sold prototypes, blems and other odds and ends, but rarely. My opinion is that they are backing away from the declining ww market. Hurricane probably acquired them for their plastic fishing SOTs, which make up the lion’s share of their sales. I think their plastic molding has been among the best in the industry. While you can still get them I’d look at the Stinger and Braaap if they fit your requirements, as they are exceptional boats.