Lite canoes

The uncle that helped get me into paddling is looking for lite canoe. he has back probloms that while not crippling do require some liter choices than his coloman tin tank. around 30 0r liter would be prefered but possible 40lbs range could work.

Solo? Tandem? Trip’n? Day paddle?

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What size wanted? Needed? What to be used for? Where is he located? Does he like to sit high or low? What kind of paddles does he prefer? Go fast or poke around? How hard is he on his boats? How much looking at spending? Prefer off the shelf or custom made for his needs? When looking for truely lite these are important questions. I have broken enough lite hulls to know. ;^)



Not sure
I know he was into seeing the sites. and was pretty easy on his canoe. the only criteria that i know of is weight. i figure piont him in the direction of the baots and let him do the research.

You might suggest he…
…access and use the boat search feature under “Buyer’s Guide-Boats” to the left. If he can afford it, I would recommend boats made of kevlar, available from many manufacturers. Good luck.