Lite Weight Sit On Tops Kayaks?

-- Last Updated: Mar-07-10 7:52 PM EST --

anyone have any suggestions for a lite weight sit on top kayak, under 50 lbs, preferably at least 10 ft or more.

If you can afford it, Epic has a light,
fast SOT.

well don’t be coy
what is it?

any link?

Phoenix models

Almost forgot - I had a Bic Scapa that fits your description - it’s a nice boat and is right at 50 lbs. The Bic is quite inexpensive, but if I wanted a SOT I would probably get the CD Kestrel SOT or try to find a used GP Sport.

Agree on Bic Scapa
I really liked mine and it was light for a durable plastic SOT. It handles everything pretty well except white water and surf.

light weight SOT
Look into Royak Marine’s Tour boat. It can be ordered set up for fishing or diving. Light-weight(ish), quick, maneuverable and has lots of storage capacity. I’ve owned one for about 6 years, along with a Romany sit-in, and have been quite pleased with it’s performance.

Wave Witch
30 lbs 12’5 Fast paddler for the length

RTM Disco
RTM disco is really nice for paddlers under about 190#

Same basic specs as the Krestral. It weighs about 10# more, but costs about a $1,000 less.

Lot of them
and this search has a check boc for under 50#…


Caper or Kestrel 140
I’ve got both an Ocean Caper and a Current Designs 140 SOT. The Caper is 11 ft in length and weighs 45 pounds. Very easy to lift and car top. It is 31" wide, so it is very stable. Speed is OK. The Kestrel is relatively sleek (25" wide) and fast. It is only 38 lbs and is easy to lift. It is a little tippy and takes some geting used to. I tend to take the Caper out a lot more.