Little Beaver Creek OH

I’ve read everything available on about Little Beaver Creek, but I’m looking for more info. I’d like to paddle 2 days, camping one night. Suggestions on put in/out, best place to camp, and a place to eat before or after the float are much appreciated.

Campground in the state park
up on the hill is nice, but not near the water. I don’t think commando camping is allowed since most of the land along the creek is either privately owned. This is a fantastic paddle trip in a beautiful valley as long as you have enough water. Best rapids are just before Fredricstown, just after Grimms Bridge and the biggest is the “S” turn about 1 mile before the new takeout at the Ohio river. American Whitewater has a discription here.

It can be all run in a long day trip, 21 miles total. Or broken down into several sections.

the area has some interesting history and abundant wildlife.

It’s Haunted

Pretty Boy Floyd was shot down just up the road from the group camp at Sprucevale.

Very good panoramamas of some of the locks here including Lusk Lock worth a hike to see if you are interested in that kind of stuff.