Little bitty creek

I’m hoping to try something new very early on Sunday morning (early enough to be back home and washed up in time for church). Going to give a go at paddling and fishing a little bitty creek - small enough to cast across. Most of my paddling is on the Potomac River, which is usually thousands of CFS even when it’s low. This is closer to a couple hundred CFS creek.

I understand to some of you, a couple hundred CFS is normal, but to me it’s something brand new. Wish me luck. Scoped it a couple days ago from a path, and the funnest looking run has a big strainer in it. There’s an easy work-around, though.

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Small rivers and creeks can be fun,
expecially when near home. Not as much of a crowd and more isolation, getting away from crowds is good. There’s one near my home I’ve fished before, not much luck, but fun anyway. Plan on trying it again if I can figure out security for my truck. Its an F150, popular with the theif crowd, even though is older and only a 6 cylinder.

Take a push pole
for the shallow areas, and you can push through without stirring up so much mud or splashing with the paddle. The lake in the State Park near us has some very small creeks and shallow flats at the back that ONLY kayaks can navigate, but once you clear that shallow blockages, there are often nice deep holes that have some nice sized fish that haven’t seen the lures. Also, you might be prepared to get out and wade the really shallow ones, but it is FUN and you might find yourself hooked. OH yeah, BUG SPRAY.


Got a heavy rain today. Creeks rising. Probably still safe, but no need to push a solo trip on rising unfamiliar water. Uncharacteristic discretion.

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But not a bad idea when exploring a new
place. Until you know how conditions affect the stream after a rain, its best to err on the side of caution.