Little hoops around edge of Seals Sea Sprite skirt

My spray skirt has little loops of webbing seen every few inches around the whole perimeter of the rand. What are they for ?

This may be it — I have little loops around the edge of a spray skirt where I removed thin bungee that was strung across it in a crossed pattern. The bungee was a little slack (the skirt was bought used) and caught on everything so I ditched it. The loops are still there but don’t get in the way, so I didn’t bother to trim them off.

Sounds possible. I like keeping a clean deck. I can’t imagine cluttering up my skirt

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Agreed, I wouldn’t consider carrying anything on a skirt, just seems unnecessary. This looks almost identical to what I have.

110106-90598.jpg (800×770) (

Might those loops have been for installing this spray deck bag? They worked great when I had one.

Some of my Seals skirts have 4 loops - 2 on each side. These are for attaching the optional Gear Bag which @kayakhank posted a link to. I have one and find it pretty convenient for carrying small items.


Chart case would work w some of these. Something which is a foreign concept to people who rely entirely on electronic GPS.

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I have a Reed Aquatherm sprayskirt with (the optional) map loops, however, I use them to secure my GPS (not chart) so that it stays put when I lean heavily or roll.

I have the same skirt and have a waterproof chart holder that clips to them.

Hrmm, chart case is a pretty neato idea. Does the chart get in the way if you are re-entering after a wet exit?

Doesn’t get in the way in my experience IF l remember to clip the grab loop into a pfd pocket clip. I find the grab loop invariably finds something to snag on if l don’t.

Still able to find waterproof charts for where l paddle so the majority of my wet moments have not involved a chart case though.

So THATS what that little clip is for! brilliant!!! Thanks once again.

If you can use 8½ x 11" charts that you can print for free, office supply stores sell laminators for a little over $20. Less than many laminated charts and the size is often easier to use on a kayak, even if you have to use more than one. Many laminated charts are rather large for use on a chart table.

I have one of these and it works fine, although i would not recommend it for heavy duty use. Professional grade laminators can cost much more. The thermal laminating pouches cost about $0.25 each when sold in packs.

Thanks rstevens15, I spoke a bit too shortly. I actually have the old, used-to-be-able-to-buy, charts for where I paddle around “home base”.

But when they are gone they are gone - so I will have to go with your post at some point.

If you want something less durable, a zip lock bag works just fine, especially for one time use. If using with a GPS I will print out the map that’s used by the GPS mapping software. That way what is shown on the GPS corresponds directly to the printed map with the addition of my exact position.

I recommend using official charts in addition to a compass for critical navigation. Electronic devices often conspire to fail at the most inconvenient times.