Little Juniata River?

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I just bought a canoe and tried it on the Little Juniata River (central PA) starting at Spruce Creek and ending in Barree. I think it was maybe 3 miles, anyway it only took 40 minutes. I would like to get some more info on that stetch of river. Below Barree I heard there is a dam, I can't find any info about it. Can you take a boat out there? Also from Tyrone to Spruce creek is about 6 miles, is it deep enough for a canoe this time of year? I had no trouble from Spruce Creek to Barree. Thanks for your time and any info or links is welcome. Any other similar rivers in the area? Also are there any forums or groups in Central PA for cannoeing info?

google search
"juniata river water trail - upper section" PA fish and boat site with good info.

Gertler’s Keyston Canoeing

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Is a good reference book for paddling waters in PA. Good luck.

I meant “Keystone Canoeing”

My backyard
Ahhh . . . your post brings back memories. The back of my parents’ farm is on the Little Juniata in Spruce Creek and I have spent some time tubing and kayaking there. My brother still paddles that area and I will email him for some more information for you.

Tyrone to Spruce Creek is a bit more than 6 miles. If the lower section that you are running is runnable, the upper portion should be too. If I remember correctly, a nice run is to put in near the Grier School and take out at Spruce Creek or Barree.

If you take any photos, please post or email them to me.


Download Google Earth and use it.
If you are lucky, the satellite photography for that section of the Juniata may be high quality. If so, you will be able to see detail even including trees that have fallen in from the banks.

I also use Terraserver which provides topos and B&W aerial photos. But Google Earth is the best source IF the photos for an area are of high quality.

Second on Keystone Canoeing…
Get a copy. I was just looking through mine. The trip from Tyrone to Spruce Creek is a hair over 7 miles (per above noted book). It also talks about putting in at Bellwood but the stream is smaller there. Total trip from Bellwood to the mouth is 25.4 miles. Did you run into many guys fishing? With the rain we just received, it should be up.

As far as info on canoeing, this site has a wealth of information. Not sure about canoeing clubs locally. I frequent Tussey Mountain Outfitters in Bellefonte. You could call there and talk to Ed, the owner,who might know some.

Of interest, I’m listening right now about what the local (State College) govt is going to do with the Spring Creek Canyon. Several mentions of placing canoe/kayak put ins etc.

Thanks, we put in at the church parking lot in Spruce Creek so we probably went right by your farm. I didn’t take a camera b/c I still need to find a waterproof box.

Thanks to all for the info. This board software is kind of funky, so I’m not sure where this will post.