Little River & DeSoto Falls Pics

Little River and DeSoto Falls Photos

DeKalb County, Alabama, July 2008

Those are some great photos. The area appears to be very lush. I like all the stone docks and the 2nd Rec area had a cool looking rope swing. Looks like a great trip.

Nice pics
Thanks for sharing them with us.


Awesome pics!
On the one hand, I want everyone to know that North Alabama is a great kayaking area. On the other hand, I don’t want everybody to come here!

Thanks for the reponses. Yep, it’s a real nice area…I just wish more of the Little River was flatwater paddler frendly and accessible. Perhaps I’ll be able to explore and find more places in the future. Lots of whitewater paddlers visit in the spring…Class III and IV+ stuff. All of these pics came from about a 2 mile stretch near the town of Mentone, AL (about an hour south of Chattanooga, TN).

Looks like a very nice …
… place to be , very nice photo show .

You must have been out on day when hardly anyone else was paddling there . Such nice places can’t always be all to yourself , but that’s OK too , everyone should have a chance to enjoy it …

We enjoyed the tour , thanks for sharing …

was just in that area this weekend
We explored Desoto Falls, Little River but my main target was Russell Cave Nat. Monument.

Northern Alabama is abs. beautiful and your pics show this quite well!

We did the hike at Russell Cave-I’ll say this, next time I hike in Alabama it will be LATE FALL or WINTER!

enjoyed the pictures
Man those banks are lush! wouldn’t mind exploring that canyon, is the river runnable through there? My sister lives in Northern Alabama, near Terrapin Creek. Need to go see her and take my canoe along.

Little River Canyon Paddling
Check this website for more info on whitewater opportunities in the area around Little River and Little River Canyon:

I’d love to do that this fall
when the leaves turn.

Great pictures. It’d also be a nice place to photograph with a little early morning fog.


Question: Have the falls been run?
Answer: Yes, earlier this year, and in the distant past.

Advice: Don’t run the falls.

Minor point. The amphitheater below those falls is not the start of Little River Canyon, nor is the little canyon below the State Park Lodge. The Canyon starts below the lower Falls just below highway 35. I have led trips on the East Fork of the Little River, and can say that the terrain between the West Fork junction and hwy 35 is not a canyon.

I appreciate the shots of the lake above Desoto Falls, even if I wish the lake wasn’t there.

Comments noted
and photo tags corrected accordingly. Thanks…