Little Tennessee near Franklin, NC

A hole in the calendar has opened up and we’re going for it. We were thinking of taking the our SOT 13’ boats to Franklin, NC (we’ve liked that area since long before recently beginning to kayak). Just from looking at maps, it seems the Little Tennessee is the first choice for a place to paddle, but it also looks like there are a lot of variations in the river, from small and rocky to wide and contained. We won’t be camping while paddling, preferring the motor home instead, but are looking for day trips using the Franklin area as a base. Since we’re new to kayaking, we don’t anything about put ins, take outs, outfitters if necessary, and which sections of the river might work for us. Got any suggestions for what we should do, or for where we can find the info we need?



ive driven
Beside the upper Tenn a few times and always thought it looked fun. It’s pretty wide with a few shoals and shelves. I’ve seen at least a few canoe liveries in the area. A Google search should yield results. Good luck.

Ryan L.